“My Three Sons” child star Dawn Lyn is in a coma and fighting for her life following her surgery.

Her TV sister, Tina Cole gave details of the surgery, while her real-life brother noted that the actress “never wanted anyone to know” and asks for prayers.

Dawn Lyn had an active and happy life with her husband until the woes came.

The star of “My Three Sons” Dawn Lyn, who played Dodie Harper Douglas on the final three seasons of the ’60s and early ’70s sitcom, is fighting for her life after a recent surgery.

Her costars on the show, Stanley Livingstone, who played her older brother Richard Douglas, and Tina Cole, who played Katie Miller Douglas, said the actress underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor and, since then, has been in a coma.

Livingstone revealed that he and Lyn, who is also majorly known for her appearances in “Walking Tall” and “Cry Blood, Apache,” had gone out for lunch only months ago and had a wonderful time reminiscing about their days on “My Three Sons.” He then urged fans to pray for her and her husband:

“Dawn is one of the nicest human beings I have ever known. Thoughts and prayers also go to her husband, John, at this time. This is devastating news!”

Cole also spoke about the news, sending her heartfelt prayers to her “sweet lil’ sis” and her husband. She said she was in touch with Lyn’s husband, who has been by her since the surgery.

What Did Dawn Lyn’s Brother Say about Her Condition?

Lyn’s bother, Leif Garrett, noted that Lyn had wanted her surgery to remain private. However, since the news had already been leaked to the public, he said, according to TMZ:

“Please, just keep my sister in your thoughts and prayers and respect our family’s privacy. Thank you.”

He asked for everyone’s understanding during this challenging time, noting that he and Lyn had recently been through a family tragedy after losing both their parents and a cousin.

How Was Dawn Lyn’s Life before Falling into a Coma?

Before Lyn went in for surgery and consequently fell into a coma, she had a quite regular and happy life. She has been in a happy marriage with her husband of 16 years, William John Reese.

With a career that started when she was only four, Lyn has appeared in numerous other films, including “I Love My Wife,” “Daddy’s Girl,” and “People’s Toys.” Besides acting, she has also ventured into other things, such as co-owning a boutique on Pier 39 in San Francisco.

Asked if she will act again, the “Old Habits Die Hard” actress revealed that while she would not actively pursue any roles, that door is not closed yet and she is still open to new projects.

In 2006, she relocated to Hawaii due to her husband’s job transfer, and while there, she enjoyed riding her small motorcycle as well as on the back of her husband’s Harley. She also loves watching movies, reading, snorkeling, and hiking with her husband.

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