This little girl in second grade always dreamed of attending the father-daughter dance. However, she never thought that she would actually be able to go since her father passed away.That is until they made the right decision to volunteer escorts for children who do not have dads.

“I reached out to the mother, [she] said it was okay… Because the last thing I want to do is get rejected by a second grader,” Van Buren school resource officer Nick Harvey joked. “So her mom talked to her about it and the next day I formally asked her if she would be my date to the daddy-daughter dance.”.

When Harvey reminisced and told his story to 5 News while sitting next to the little girl herself, 8-year-old Avey Cox, he was clearly so happy and proud of the decision he made. He showed no signs of regret and exhibited his pure and positive intentions.

When the day came for the big event, the parents and volunteers worked hard and did everything in their power to make it a beautiful and memorable night. Harvey and Cox coordinated their outfits, took tons of pictures, rode a limo to the event and even got pizza on the way there.

“It meant a lot because I actually got to go and see all my friends there,” Cox told 5News before turning to Harvey and getting excited. “And then, I got to go with him and have a lot of fun.”
That moment, in particular, was so precious. The way the little girl smiles at Harvey and points at him is so beyond adorable, it makes our hearts feel all warm and fuzzy!

Harvey agreed that it was a special night — one that he will never forget, in fact. According to the officer, the two made a lot of wonderful memories on and off the dancefloor at the Arkansas school.
“I embarrassed myself a little bit and danced when I can’t dance at all,” Harvey said with a laugh.

“Me and him dancing…” Cox said before trailing off, sounding as if she was about to cry. Then Harvey took her in and gave her a hug. It was such a sweet, honest moment and the friendship that these two have is clearly special and so, so important, especially for a child who lost a parent at such a young and critical age.

One extra special moment of the night was the daddy-daughter dance. Someone at the event recorded Harvey and Cox while they were dancing and uploaded it on the Internet and as soon as it hit the web, it went viral.

It wasn’t just the young girl who was touched by Harvey’s kindness, but the whole world felt just how pure and meaningful that night truly was. In today’s world, it is so beautiful to see some good people out there doing good deeds.

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