Let it be human or any other creature, the birth of a baby is always exciting and beautiful to watch. But this particular situation was exceptional as the viewers got the rare chance of witnessing the birth of a Sumatran orangutan through their digital screens.

This was possible thanks to the staff at Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, who filmed and released a video of the beautiful moment on the internet. The video itself makes history as the first Orangutan birth recorded on camera. It’s not only extraordinary because of this particular reason.

The birth of the baby Orangutan was a miracle. A few months back, 25-year-old Dana was considered infertile due to some unfortunate events that she had to go through.

She had problems during a previous pregnancy, which resulted in the loss of her baby and blocking her fallopian tubes, putting her life in jeopardy.

This miraculous birth was possible thanks to the head obstetrician at Jersey General Hospital, who made it possible for Dana to have babies again.

A separate camera was set to show the viewers the process of giving birth to the baby clearly. In the video, we see a professional team watching eagerly, waiting to help Dana in any required situation while Dana is giving birth to the baby.

After giving birth to the little one, Dana starts to clean the baby’s body with her mouth.

She helps it clear the airways with her lips and removes the amniotic sac around the baby’s body, as mentioned in the video by a member of the professional team.

The video looks a bit graphic sensitive, but it’s worth watching because it shows us how things work in the animal kingdom.

Next, we hear the beautiful sound which every mother loves. Yes, the first cry of their baby. The cute sound of the baby Orangutan, similar to that of a human baby makes a heartwarming feeling in the atmosphere.

In the following moment, we get to know that it’s a baby girl. And then we hear the screeching in the background from Dagu, a 28-year-old male Orangutan, the father of the newborn.

An unexpected yet beautiful moment occurs next. Dana walks up to the spectators with the baby.

An unexpected yet beautiful thing happens next as Dana, the mother Orangutan brings her new born to the spectators. It like shes coming to her human friends and showing off er happiness to them.

At this moment we hear the keeper saying “wow!” she is coming to us with the baby”, which shows us unexpected that was.

It was a perfect present to the staff at the Durrel wildlife park as they work hard, dat and night to the well-being of the endangered species, like the Sumatran Oranggutan. “It was one of my favourite moments in my entire carrier”, said one member of the staff.

The baby girl got the name Keajiban, which gives the meaning meaning “miracle”.

The video received over 4.7 million views and comments with over popuring love.


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