Many of us spend the majority of our day sitting in front of an electronic device. It doesn’t matter if we are holding it in our hand, sitting in front of the TV or behind a computer, we are often drowned in artificial light.

That is why it is so important to get out and take a walk through nature on occasion. Even a few moments of walking through a wooded area is going to help revive you and get you ready for the next round of electronic stimulation.

The benefits of getting out in nature are easy to see but sometimes, there may be something special that happens. Perhaps we might see some deer that are wandering through or maybe, we might glimpse a sunset that is too beautiful for words.

Then again, you could experience what Kym Beechey experienced when she was out for a walk in nature in Australia. Not only does she enjoy walking around in nature, she likes taking pictures of nature as well and she had an opportunity that she couldn’t pass by.

On this particular day, Kym was out for her walk when she saw a baby tawny frogmouth. In case you are unaware, this is a bird that looks similar to an owl. She grabbed her phone and was as quiet as possible so she didn’t scare the bird away while taking the picture.

She wanted to get a little closer because the bird looked like it was smiling so she zoomed in. That is when she realized her mistake. It wasn’t a bird, it was a banksia pod. They regularly grow out of banksia trees and take on a unique appearance.

Banksia trees grow in southwestern Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. They are not in the same category as pine trees, but it does look like a pinecone.

The pods will break open, typically when there is a hot forest fire nearby and the seeds are released. This may not have been the exact picture she was hoping for, but it certainly is one for the books.

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