Prince William sent a message to Prince Harry after learning about Kate Middleton’s cancer diagnosis, and it confirms our worst fears.

Prince William and Prince Harry, who were once close, now have a strained relationship that falls short of the ideal brotherly bond.

Harry and Meghan’s relationship turned turbulent after they decided to leave their royal roles and began sharing details about the royal family, including allegations of racism.

The extent of damage in their fractured relationship remains a mystery, but it’s clear that the bridges they destroyed may never be repaired soon due to lingering anger.

At present, the royal family is facing challenges as two members, the King and Princess Catherine of Wales, are fighting cancer.

Kate put an end to the rumors by announcing that she had cancer after much speculation about her health and whereabouts.

She mentioned in the video released on Friday that she had a significant abdominal surgery in London in January. At that time, they believed her condition was not cancerous.

Kate explained in another video that tests conducted after her scheduled abdominal surgery showed the existence of cancer.

The statement mentioned that the medical team suggested a preventive chemotherapy course. Currently, I am in the initial phase of this treatment. It was indeed a big surprise, and my husband and I are making every effort to handle this situation privately for the well-being of our young family.

But Kate is not alone. She has the support of her people, her family, and her friends, who all sent messages with well-wishes.

The Sussexes were among those who contacted both Charles and Kate. After Kate’s diagnosis was announced, Harry and Meghan released a formal statement, but it has also been mentioned that they reached out privately too.

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Tom Quinn, a royal expert and author, mentioned that Harry and Meghan reached out to William with a message of sympathy, but it didn’t include any advice for the brothers to reconcile or for Harry to return to the UK.

Quinn mentioned that William’s reply to his brother’s message lacked the warm and informal tone that is typically expected between two adult siblings who have shared many experiences together.

There is an overwhelming amount of negativity surrounding this situation. William, who is still deeply affected by the hurtful things Harry has said in the past, has given a response. However, the response seems to be carefully crafted by the palace and lacks the warm and casual tone you would anticipate between brothers. It resembles more of a cautious exchange between diplomats rather than siblings.

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What exactly Harry wrote to William and Kate will likely never be exposed publicly.

Various reports suggest Harry and Meghan were either informed about Kate’s cancer diagnosis before her public video or learned about it at the same time as everyone else.

In these challenging times for the British monarchy, we wish for the brothers to come together and set aside their disagreements.

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