Since Nelson signed his first significant recording deal with Liberty Records in 1962, he will actually be commemorating his impending milestone birthday while on tour.

The actor recognized the idea in a recent interview with AARP, noting that while job wasn’t necessary for him, it was still advantageous.

Regardless of the kind of program, he said, ‘Working is really amazing for me.

Since I’ll be there for two days and a lot of my close friends will be there to say hello and sing with me, it will be a lot of fun. ‘I’m looking forward to it,’

There is a difference between playing a role in a movie or television show, lending your voice to a project, and playing live music on a multi-show tour.

While the phenomenon of well-known entertainers continuing to perform well past the age of retirement

is nothing new—examples include Dick Van Dyke (97), Michael Caine (89), and David Attenborough (96), there is a distinction to be made.

Nelson, on the other hand, keeps getting gigs and performing fantastic shows. Not bad for a man who is about to enter his ninth decade on Earth!

The country singer responded to the thought of turning 90 by saying:

The native Texan added that he was constantly eager to board the tour bus again and visit new locations.

Willie said facetiously, ‘I retire after every tour.’ However, I’m always ready to come back. I like the idea of the bus.

I have everything I require on the bus. I never have to spend the night at a motel. It’s not too bad, really.

It might not be terrible, but I find it incredible that Willie Nelson still has the stamina to take the stage in front of so many people when under so much pressure!

What about his voice, you ask? If I sound half as well as he does at that age, which is assuming I live that long in the first place, I’ll be a happy man.

Despite spending so many years singing, Nelson still has a great voice.Recently, he even said in an interview, ‘I think singing is excellent for my voice.’

‘I no longer do anything to harm it. If you don’t use it, you lose it.

Happy 90th birthday to Willie Nelson and many, many more, is what I personally hope for him.

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