In addition to being a wonderful husband, the actress uploaded a photo on her Instagram account of Urban acting the part of a doting father while having fun in the pool with one of their children.

As a touching Father’s Day homage, Kidman said in her Instagram post that her husband was the “coolest dad there is” and that she and their girls loved and valued him very much.

However, before Kidman discovered love with Urban, she was previously married to Tom Cruise for a lengthy period of time. Their union came to an abrupt end, which caused Kidman a great deal of emotional distress.

One of Hollywood’s most influential couples was Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. The star of “Top Gun” put Kidman in one of his movies, “Days of Thunder,” and she immediately fell in love with him. “I was totally smitten—I fell madly, passionately in love,” Kidman remarked.

The love whirlwind continued to gain momentum from that point on. The star of “Big Little Liars” said that they closed themselves off from the outside world, continued to live in their isolated community, and developed an unhealthy dependence on one another.

They were married in 1990, and after 10 years of marriage, they dashed the dreams of many admirers when they revealed that they were divorcing each other. Cruise and Kidman got married in 1990. The couple had just celebrated their tenth anniversary together and had just finished renewing their wedding vows when they found out the news.

But Cruise surprised Kidman with the news of the divorce two months after the couple had celebrated their wedding with friends and family. The star of “The Undoing” was as astonished as the viewers were since, only a few weeks before, everything seemed to be going well. “I thought our life together was perfect,” the actress revealed her sentiments.

In addition, the “Mission Impossible” star did not provide a great deal of information on the reason why he and his wife decided to divorce: “Nic knows why,” he stated.

In addition, the couple had been through two unsuccessful pregnancies. Kidman has said that she had both an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage during their time together, both of which occurred early on in their relationship.

Kidman was given a grim prognosis about her ability to conceive after the ectopic pregnancy that she had. For the actress, the entire ordeal was devastating, but while she was trying to make sense of the loss of two pregnancies, the divorce put even more pressure to an already difficult situation. It took a very long time for me to recover from it. “It came as a complete surprise to my body,” she said.

The actress did all in her power to keep her marriage together, but Cruise was unmoved by her efforts. In 2001, he initiated the divorce process, thereby ending any possibility of their remaining together. Even though Cruise and Kidman chose not to have biological children together, the couple did open their hearts and homes to two children via adoption. In 1992, they welcomed their daughter Isabella, and in 1995, they welcomed their son Connor.


Kidman may have been inconsolable, but she never lost faith that things would eventually turn out for the best. “Whatever is meant to be will be. She said that everything was in God’s hands. When the actress and the man she would later marry, Urban, met at a party in Los Angeles in 2005, she finally discovered the joy she had been searching for all along.

Kidman has characterized her spouse as a kind and protective person who has helped her feel safe. The relationship between the two grew inseparable when they fell in love. In 2006, the happy couple married the wedding in Sydney.

After getting married, the couple decided to start their family in Nashville, which, to Kidman’s surprise, she first considered to be a rural area. During the first year of their marriage, they uprooted their lives and went to a rural area, where they bought a large gray home complete with a swimming pool, a tennis court, and a movie theater.

When their first daughter Sunday was born in 2008, Nashville really became a special location for the family. Considering that Kidman had been given the impression that having children was not going to be part of her future, the news that she was expecting a child was a major turning point in her life. The actress referred to the event as a “miracle” in her statement.

Kidman has said that she is willing to talk about being pregnant at the age of 40, despite the fact that it was a challenging experience for her. She wants to reassure other women who have been through something similar that they are not alone.

“Having my baby has been a healing experience,” Kidman said after giving birth to her first child. After another two years, the couple decided to expand their family by using a surrogate to give birth to their second daughter, Faith.

Kidman found that she had new passions and hobbies after becoming a family. When she wasn’t working on movies, you might find her organizing weekly play dates for moms and their kids.

The fact that Kidman’s children are maturing has refocused her attention on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and increasing her lifespan. She added that since she already had a kid who was a little bit older, “I want to be able to take care of them… When you become older and have children, it will be a significant part of your life.

Despite this, the actress has no sign of slowing down. She continues to put in a lot of effort at work, star in movies, and is consistently recognized as one of the most talented performers in Hollywood, all while being a devoted mother and supportive wife.

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