Steve Harvey has continued to be an inspiration to Americans as a classy comedian, TV personality, and supporter of Christian values. He has done this through his powerful faith talks and by taking the blame for the Miss Universe mess up.

The 65-year-old entertainer may be a big star now, but Steve will never forget where he came from, even if he becomes rich and famous. Since his father worked in a coal mine, he knows what it’s like to work hard and not have enough.

So, when he met a certain man on an episode of Family Feud, it broke his heart.

Steve told the story of one of the most memorable things that happened to him on TV in between takes of his talk show.

During the show, the host said that one of the contestants was “sweating so much” that they had to change his shirt. Steve tried to joke around with the guy in his usual easygoing way, but he could tell that something was really wrong.

Steve said, “After playing for three days and not winning the money, he was a mess.”

When this man, who was also the captain of his team, finally won the $20,000, he fell to his knees and couldn’t stop crying.

Steve said, “He just got down on his knees and wouldn’t stop crying.”

Steve said how happy the man was to have won the money, which made him even more curious about his health.

The team captain then looked him straight in the eye and told him, “Steve, I’m dying.” I have three months to live, and I can’t get insurance because of how sick I am. “My family needs this money.”

Steve was surprised by how hard the man tried to win a game show in his last days so he could help his family, so he decided to give him another $25,000.

Harvey’s act of kindness for this sick man is a beautiful reminder of Galatians 6:2.

“Bear each other’s burdens, and you will be following Christ’s law.”
We will pray for this kind father and his family. In the video below, Steve tells the exciting story:

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