Sean Hannity did not want to be a part of Stormy Daniels’ lie. He never believed her obviously false stories or hurt her physically, morally, or socially in any way.

Then why did the pornstar write a book where he was criticized for a role he didn’t play?

It makes no sense. Too often, Stormy Daniels has used the liberal media to spread false information about Hannity.

Hannity told Fox News that he didn’t like what was said. He said, “She can’t just say things like that about me; it’s not only wrong and unethical, but it hurts my feelings, too.”

Hannity shed one tear, and then he changed the subject.

But his lawyer, Joe Barron, couldn’t wait to talk about the lawsuit. He was excited about the idea of financially ruining the woman who, for the first time in American history, led to the execution of a former president.

Barron said, “This woman did something that can’t be said.” “She threatened to scream that he has a small mushroom penis, and she also made fun of pizzas with little pepperoni pizzas on them. Because of that, she needs to be sent home.

David Avenatti, who represents Daniels, is in jail for being a jerk. We don’t know how to go about doing that. But that’s not important. I think she is seeing someone else now.

So, patriotic people, that’s how our legal system works. Sham-eful.

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