Joy Behar takes a tumble on stage at The View

Joy Behar once fell during an episode of ‘The View’ when she missed her chair. Her fans were probably sad, but the people who can’t stand her or the show were probably cracking up pretty good, especially since Joy Behar fell and it was on video. The American Tribune talked about it too because Joy Behar was joking about it. She brought it up, not us.
Here’s what was said about Joy Behar falling:
Commenting on the incident Thursday, Behar asked her fellow co-hosts, “Remember when I fell on stage here? My tush missed the seat.” Whoopi Goldberg, responding to Behar’s comment, said that the incident scared everyone there, telling the audience, “It scared us so badly. You didn’t see what we saw.”
Continuing, Whoopi added that it was “scary” seeing Behar miss the chair and sprawl on the floor, saying “We saw you trying to figure out how not to fall onto the floor, and that was scary because you don’t know whether to catch you and annoy you ’cause we’re touching you.”

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