A Love Story Beyond Body Types

A Happy Life Together

29-year-old photojournalist Jenna Kutcher and her husband, fitness instructor Drew Kutcher, have been happily married for ten years. The couple enjoys a wonderful love story and a content relationship.

The Beach Photo Incident

One day, the couple visited a beach in Hawaii and took some photos together, including one in which they were both wearing swimsuits. Jenna was astonished by the negative comments she received after posting the picture on social media. People criticized her appearance, saying she didn’t deserve her husband, who is “a lovely and attractive man.”

Facing Cruel Comments

Jenna faced several nasty comments due to her curvy figure, with some saying she needed to lose weight and that she didn’t fit well with her husband. However, she responded to her critics in an unexpected way, unafraid of their remarks.

Embracing Love and Acceptance

Jenna writes about how her husband has contributed to her body-image issues, saying, “Why should I get him as a curvy girl? I construct stories in my brain about how I’m not worthy of him because I’m not skinny.” Despite these thoughts, Drew has accepted every curve, dimple, pound, and pimple, and constantly reminded Jenna that she is beautiful.

Grateful for Kind Words

Jenna was overwhelmed and grateful for the kind words that followed her response to the negative comments. She wrote on Instagram, “We’ve spent the last few days laughing at the fact that society thinks seeing two people in love (who happen to have different body types) is newsworthy, but we are embracing it wholeheartedly because it means we get to share our message with YOU, with the world.”

Defying Labels

Jenna emphasized that their bodies do not define them. “Drew is not defined by the title ‘Mr. Six Pack,’ and I am not defined by terms like ‘curvy’ or ‘plus size.’” At the end of the day, they are the couple that fell in love in college and have experienced highs and lows together. They have decided to turn the chaos of going viral into their message, showing the world that love goes beyond body types.

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