In an incredibly heartwarming moment, little 2-year-old Karis Oglesby interrupted a homecoming ceremony because she just couldn’t bear to be away from her father any longer. Her dad, First Lt. Daniel Oglesby, had been serving overseas for eight long months and had finally returned home at Fort Carson, Colorado.


Sadly for little Karis, there was protocol to be followed full of staying quiet and standing still while speeches were being made.

The formality meant nothing to the little girl who was simply excited to see her father again. The moment she spotted her father, the joy was too much to contain. She ran past everyone else, dodging even the senior officers, and leaped into her father’s arms.

Lt. Oglesby, though momentarily taken aback, had no qualms about breaking the formation for his daughter. He bent over, held her close, and planted a sweet kiss on her forehead. Then, with a final loving squeeze, he sent her back to her family.

This tender father-daughter reunion touched many hearts, garnering over 5 million views when posted on a local news outlet’s Facebook page. Lt. Oglesby was a hero to many, but to Karis, he was her whole world.

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