Country music superstar Jason Aldean has courted a ton of controversy with his new song “Try That In A Small Town”. But the song is burning up the charts, and is extremely popular with patriotic Americans.

But it’s come with its share of criticism, even amongst other country stars, mainly Sheryl Crow and the new darling of the woke leftists, Garth Brooks.

Garth Brooks, who’s had to deal with his own blowback from his support of Bud Light should have kept his mouth shut, or, been supportive of fellow country star Jason Aldean. But knowing his new fan base of woke liberals and trans people, Garth Brooks stuck his foot in his mouth and railed against the Aldean song.

“That’s not the America I know!” Said Brooks in a now-deleted Twitter post, forgetting the America he came from and the America that made him a household name. Garth Brooks is Hollywood now, cavorting with the liberal elitists and drinking Bud Light with LBGTQ activists. How far he’s fallen.

Aldean’s song celebrates the traditional America, the American ideologies that made us great and that will once again. “Sundown towns were a good thing for folks like us, there was a time where we’d see people we didn’t like and were able to just run them out of town!” said Aldean publicist Joseph Barron.

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