A bride’s wedding dress is usually a focal point of the ceremony, so it typically receives great attention and extra carefulness from the bride and her designer. Weddings are also considered to be important ceremonies that bind different families into one.

In more powerful circles, sometimes, a wedding results in an alliance between two kingdoms or companies. Hence, the wedding dress receives great consideration as it depicts the status and manners of the people entering into a union.

Wedding dresses consisted mostly of white, long gowns with puffy sleeves and cathedral-length veils for a long time after Queen Victoria made them popular in 1840. However, in recent times, brides have been making changes to the monotonous design and color to reflect their tastes and preferences.

Rather than long and sometimes drab gowns, wedding gowns can now be short or mid-length dresses. They can also have straight, mermaid, sheath or fit and flare styles, among many others. Some brides even wear other colors besides white, which would have been considered inappropriate previously.

However, the recent tweaks to what was considered the norm have also raised another challenge about what is morally acceptable for wedding dresses. Here is where one bride’s choice offended many who felt her wedding dress crossed the limit. The bride, Ellie Gonsalves, a model and an influencer, wore three dresses which she posted on social media after her wedding.

However, some social media trolls felt the dress was indecent and didn’t hesitate to make their reservations known which gave rise to the woman’s clap backs. Continue reading to find out how the woman responded to her critics.

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