A sneak glimpse of a youngster who moved the entire globe to tears was shared on Facebook by the group “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children”.

This group works to help and look after kids who have experienced any kind of abuse within the family.

Parents who mistreat their children are removed from the house and brought to a facility where they are given assistance, care, and understanding. The young children then search for an adoptive family to care for them and love them without conditions so they can have peaceful, abuse-free lives.

A child from Oklahoma has experienced maltreatment from his biological parents. Both parents, who were alcoholics, battered and starved the youngster for a number of years. The little child was deprived of childhood joy and tender moments unique to his age.

The boy was taken from his original parents and placed into the care of “Dreamcatchers for Abused Children” after the neighbors notified the police.

The child was waiting for an adopted family to give him or her a normal existence when the organization’s volunteers quickly located one.

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