Have you ever been walking toward your car and found a penny stuck in the door handle? It’s a strange and puzzling feeling. Inquiries about whether this event is just a strange accident or has some kind of meaning have led many people to this conclusion. This turns out to be a sneaky way for thieves to get into cars. Hold on tight, because it’s time to show you how to beat those annoying car thieves with this clever trick. Hold on tight, because we’re about to learn how to do our own car security!

Smart car thieves put small coins in the door handles, and they usually pick the side that the passenger sits on. But why is there a door button on the passenger side? So, here’s the deal: your key doesn’t work at all when you try to use it for the central locking. Why? That seemingly harmless penny has become stuck in the passenger door, making it impossible for you to properly secure your ride.

Now, let’s add some mystery to the mix. The people who steal cars aren’t just random snatchers; they have a darker plan. The thief may be nearby, hiding in the shadows, waiting for you to give up or get distracted while you fight with your key to get into your car.Do you know what a do-it-yourself-savvy car owner should do if they think someone has tampered with their car door? Don’t worry—I have some useful do-it-yourself tips to keep the car thief from getting it:

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