We’ve all seen questionable tactics in the dating game, but this one takes the (candy) cake. Last Halloween, a dad posted a note on his door in a desperate bid to find a date, and let’s just say, the internet went wild. But not in the way he hoped.

Now before you get too invested, let me give you the punchline. This genius decided to use Halloween as his personal Tinder, but instead of charming introductions, he left a note that screamed desperation. The note cheekily stated, “Don’t care how much candy you take, but if you have a hot, single mom leave her number, love your future dad.” Yes, that really happened.

Picture this: kids delighted with candy, ringing doorbells, and then bam! They see a note from some dad trying to pick up their moms. It’s so cringeworthy, it’s almost impressive.

However, the note wasn’t the only thing the internet roasted. His candy selection (or lack thereof) became the subject of global mockery. You’d think if you’re trying to woo “single, hot moms,” you’d at least get the candy right, right? Wrong. Our hopeful flirt was handing out Life Savers and Starbursts. Yes, Life Savers. The candy equivalent of handing out spam emails and thinking you’re being romantic.

Critics agreed: the man’s dismal candy stash was a dead giveaway of why he’s still single. One woman from New Zealand quipped, “Not with that lolly selection.” Another suggested he might as well have handed out raisins and precut apple slices. Ouch.

Another mother from across the ocean said her kid undoubtedly skipped his house after seeing the note and the sad candy. It’s clear: if you can’t get the candy right on Halloween, don’t expect to get the mom’s number.

One reader questioned his integrity, pointing out the lack of sophistication in trying to woo someone with candy rather than, you know, human decency and charm. “If you are trying to be a kid’s future dad maybe break out the king size or at least Reese’s,” she suggested. Seriously, buddy, step up your candy game.

Another mom humorously remarked, “This wouldn’t work, my kids would clear you out of lollies and bail, better off on Tinder.”

In the midst of all the roasting, a few brave souls (or perhaps mischievous pranksters) did express interest. “Hot single mum here,” one user commented. “Looking for a hot single dad.” Gender equality, right?

One even tagged a friend in jest, “Damn, we needed this one. I would have left your number permission or not.”

Whether you admire this dad’s audacity or laugh at his poor execution, it’s safe to say his note left an impression. But here’s some unsolicited advice: Next Halloween, maybe stick to the spooky decorations and keep the dating attempts off the porch. Or at least, get better candy. Reese’s Cups, anyone?

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