When most people think about addictions, they likely think of some sort of substance abuse. That certainly does fit the model, but people can be addicted to other things as well.

As a good example of unusual addictions, we had 26-year-old Tristan Weigelt. He is a tattoo apprentice and has covered his body with tattoos to the point where there is very little skin left that does not have any ink on it.

He also has recently shared how he looked just five years ago, prior to the time when he was having all of the work done. Even comparing 2020 to 2022, really shows how much of a difference a few years can make.

Now that he is cover 95% of his body and tattoos, he looks back on the situation and has no regrets. He admits that it’s strange looking at himself with the tattoos, but then goes on to say that he feels exactly the same on the inside as he felt before.

He also discussed some of the more painful tattoos, and the ones he got on his face and head were the most painful. He said it was similar to getting scraped with a metal brush.

In describing it, he said: “It was six full day sessions taking between five and six hours and the pain was probably an eight out of 10.”

You might think that each of the tattoos he got on his body has some sort of special meaning, but he said there are no hidden messages on his body arts. It’s just $50,000 worth of tattoos that he got over the past five years.

He also has some advice for others who may be considering getting tattooed. He said: “Get what you love and what makes sense to you. I see so many people worried about a certain tattoo fitting them or it not being their style. If you like it – then get it.”

When it comes to transformations, I would say that he is in a class all of his own.

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