There are times when you may see something and you wonder why it would ever be that way. These may be things that have been a part of our lives for many years, but we are left wondering if there is some sort of secret behind them.

An example of this is when we see holes in a brick wall. These are not holes that occur because of an accident, they are intentional and they are also a part of history that most people don’t understand.

When you see holes in the wall, typically on the front porch, it is there for a very special purpose. Primarily, it is to help reduce the possibility for erosion. When rain falls, it can cause water to build up and if it doesn’t have a way of escaping, it could cause damage to the property.

It’s amazing to think that such a small piece of architecture is built into homes and most of us don’t realize why it is there.

Something else that these holes may have been used for is a type of makeshift mailslot. When mail was delivered by the mailman, it would be dropped through the hole and deposited directly onto the front porch. In that way, the mail would have been preserved.

Have you ever thought about the possibility that the hole provides ventilation for the area of the home that may need it? Without the circulation of air, it could quickly become stagnant and make the porch a very uncomfortable part of the home.

Aside from all of the reasons we discussed above, there is also an architectural appeal behind these holes that cannot be denied. It’s just a little piece of history that we are thankful exists.

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