When you think back to school, what was the worst class you ever took? There were very few classes that were available, but math seemed to be the one that bothered most students.

This includes little Johnny, who was very upset about the way his math teacher was passing on some information. He even took it to his father, but it needed to go further.

If you haven’t laughed in a while, this Little Johnny joke is going to be perfect for the story. It’s one you want to share with others.

His grade was so terrible that his teacher called home to speak with his father. When he got home that afternoon, his father stood crossly at the doorway. “Why did you fail your math test?” he inquired.

Little Johnny shrugged and replied: “My teacher isn’t very good.” Johnny’s father was astonished by his excuse and urged him to expand. “Well, on Monday, my teacher said 3+5 = 8.”

“So?” his father replied. “Then on Tuesday, she told us 4+4 = 8, and on Wednesday she said 6+2 = 8,” explained the child., “If she doesn’t know what equals eight, how am I supposed to know the right answer?”

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