If you are somebody who enjoys gardening, you probably know that there are some plans that are more difficult to grow than others. There are also many plants that are beautiful, but they take special care to maintain their beauty.

Peonies are one of those plants that many gardeners couldn’t live without in their garden. Not only do they have a beautiful bloom, they have a fragrance that makes working with the plant enjoyable.

If you would like to get the most out of your Peonies, there are certain things you can do to ensure that they are thriving and blooming as much as possible.

First of all, you need to consider the conditions that Peonies need in order to grow properly. If you don’t get this step right, they may not bloom as much as they could.

Peonies love the sunlight but it is important to make sure that they are getting enough sunlight and not too much. Try to find a spot where they get some sun in the morning and shade in the afternoon. Giving them enough sun is important but too much will be counterproductive.

You also need to consider the depth they are planted. Dig a hole that is about 1.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet deep. This allows the plants to grow and the roots to have plenty of room.

If you’re interested in having the plants grow horizontally, you can encourage that by putting flat stones at the bottom of the hole. In addition, the stones will add some stability.

The roots of the Peonies tend to run deep but you can use mesh to keep them from going down too far. They will get the nutrients they need near the surface, and that comes with proper watering.

Regular watering around the bush is important but avoid watering directly in the center of the plant. If it is dry for an extended amount of time, you may need to add up to three buckets of water per week to the plant.

The best choice for water is rainwater because it is chemical free. You should also be consistent with your watering, especially until the plant is properly established.

At the end of the summer, in August and September, divide the Peonies so they can become established before the winter arrives. Be careful that you are watering them enough but not too much during this crucial time for the plant.

If you live in an area of the United States with cold winters, then choose Peonies from Europe, Asia, and North America. Always check the zones to ensure that you are choosing the proper plant.

After the plant is established, continue to water them regularly, but avoid producing an overwet environment. you can learn more in this video:

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