When you are a mother, you can’t help but get wrapped up in the things that are taking place in your child’s life. This includes the big moments, such as when they graduate from high school.

This is a milestone that parents around the world have to face but celebrities also have to face that day as well. Just ask Jennifer Garner. Her daughter, Violet, recently graduated from high school.

Violet is the oldest child of Jennifer Gardner and the first to graduate from high school. This was a very emotional day for Gardner, and she couldn’t help but shed tears as she watched her daughter during the event.

The good news is, Jennifer was not going to let this moment go by without acknowledging it. She has often shared some of the moments that were most important to her in life with her fans on Instagram.

In sharing the tears that she shed during this time, it was more than just the graduation. There was also the time leading up to it and you can see it all in this carousel the pictures:

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