Becky was a housekeeper for ten years, cleaning the house of a rich man named Gregory. She did her job well in order to feed her two children and save up for their educational expenses. One day, she finds out that the house she’s been cleaning was actually hers.

Becky had been working for Gregory ever since it was just him and his first wife Linda at home. Although they were wealthy, they were extremely kind to Becky and would often talk to her.

When Linda died unexpectedly, both Gregory and Becky were devasted. Since that time, Becky was the only person close to Gregory, and he confided in her often, seeing her like a daughter.


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Gregory was so heartbroken about Linda’s death that he somehow needed to fill the void that she left in his life. So, when a young beautiful woman paid attention to him at one of his business meetings one day, he decided to court her and make her his wife.

Gregory’s new wife Marissa did not like Becky. The moment she and her grown son moved into Gregory’s mansion, they barely paid her any attention and told Becky only to show herself when serving them meals.

One day, Becky overheard Marissa talking to someone on the phone about Gregory contracting covid. She went up the stairs, asking if she could tend to Gregory. Marissa refused.


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