A lot of focus has been put on the game show, The Wheel of Fortune in recent days. In part, this is because the longtime host of the show, Pat Sajak, has announced his retirement.

People have been watching The Wheel of Fortune for more than four decades. It’s one of those shows that just continues to get better, and it is something you can play along with from home.

Most of the shows are nothing special. They just have people solving puzzles and winning fantastic prizes. Every once in a while, however, there will be a surprise that really makes people stand up and take notice.

One of those surprises came when an answer to the puzzle was considered to be inappropriate by many viewers. After it showed up on the game show, people started posting on social media right away.



When the contestant got the answer right, Pat Sajak, the host, was quick to offer an explanation. Afterward, he mentioned that it was a grilling expression.

That may have been a good save by Sajak, but there were many people who disagreed with his assessment of the puzzle. They were quick to leave comments, which were practically as funny as the puzzle itself.



There was also someone who tried to stand up for the game show and say it wasn’t sexy.


Although it may not have been intentional, there were still plenty of people who had some fun with it.

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