Engagement rings have existed since ancient times. In prehistory, the first people used to weave grass and tie it around the wrists, ankles, and waist to tie the spirit and control it.

Try this unique test to discover how you love. Choose a ring without thinking too much and it will reveal to you what love is for you.

You chose ring 1. Love makes you feel pampered. When you are loved, you feel that love brings out the best in you. You become brighter and more confident. When you are not loved, you feel invisible.

For you, love means validation. True love means wealth and certainty to you. When you love, you get completely involved, for you, there are no half measures.

You chose ring 2. Love makes you feel comfortable and calm. You don’t need much in this world, love is enough for you to survive. Not being loved is a tragedy for you, you lose hope quickly. For you, true love means giving everything and not expecting anything in return. Love does not keep the score, it does not weigh itself.

You chose ring 3. Love makes you feel special and important. You want others to need you, to be adored and you like to return these feelings. If you are not loved, it is difficult to love yourself.

For you, true love means finding someone unique who loves you with all your heart. When you meet someone who sees in you things that others do not see, then you will have found your partner.

You have chosen ring 4. Love is capricious and enchanting in your vision. You think love needs to be celebrated more than once.

Not being loved means depression to you. For you, true love means pure joy. Your soul mate should make you smile and feel young.

You chose ring 5. Love makes you feel at peace. Do you think that love fills the gaps in a man’s life?

If you are not loved, you will survive, but it will be a very sad life. For you, true love is stable and immortal. Commitments are very important to you. When you love with all your heart, you are with your partner and me and evil, to the end.

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