Sean Stewart revealed terrifying news that he had been in an accident, writing that he “got hit by a truck at a red light.”
Sean is one of Rod Stewart’s eight children.

The best-selling music artist of all time, Rod Stewart, almost lost one of his children in a car accident. His son was transported to the nearest hospital.

British rock and pop singer Rod Stewart’s eldest son, Sean Stewart, was reportedly involved in an accident.

According to Page Six, Sean was rushed to the hospital on October 24, 2022, following a car crash. The “In Crowd” singer revealed the horrific news on Instagram, sharing that he “got hit by a truck at a red light,” adding, “hard out here on these streets.”

Sean wrote the message alongside a photo of him sitting in a medical center wearing a hospital gown, a face mask, and a neck brace. He withheld further information regarding the unfortunate incident.

Rod shares his son with his first former wife, Alana Stewart. Sean is one of his eight children with whom he has with five different women.

Rod Is a Doting Father of Eight Children
Rod also shares a daughter named Kimberley with Alana. The former couple wed in 1979 but divorced in 1984. After his first marriage failed, the music icon married twice.

Rod’s second marriage was to New Zealand model Rachel Hunter whom she married in 1990. The pair welcomed two children together, daughter Renee in 1992 and son Liam in 1994, before parting ways in 1999. Prior to finalizing their divorce in 2006, Rod started seeing Penny Lancaster.

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