A woman from Utah loved her family of four children, but she always wished she could have one more. After a number of years, she still was unable to have another child. The woman who was already a mother to two children had nearly given up hope when she saw two lines on the pregnancy test that would forever change her life.

Shayden and Landon Scott brought joy to their parents, Jamie and Skylar Scott, who were often smiling and laughing around them. They had no idea that they would have to struggle in order to grow their family, but it happened very quickly.



Jamie and her husband attempted for five years without success to start a family but were unable to have children. The idea that the couple was unable to have another child was one that the mother eventually came to terms with.

Jamie’s heart longed for another child, but she continued to experience disappointment in that regard. She had become used to getting negative answers from pregnancy tests, and it had been a challenging path for the couple.



The journey to earth for the newborns was challenging, but it was well worth it for Jamie and Skylar since they got five times the joy as a result. In a statement she shared on social media, the mother said, “I just feel so incredibly blessed that this is my new existence.”

The prayers of the faithful are heard and answered by God. Always keep in mind that he loves you and that things will get better in the future, even when it seems like the sky is falling in around you.

The couple held the love notes in high regard, and their story indicates that miraculous occurrences are not beyond the realm of possibility. We hope that the remainder of this family’s life are filled with nothing but joy and laughter!

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