When we truly love someone, we often look beyond any physical problems they may experience. There may be times, however, when those physical differences are evident to others around them.

That’s what happened to the couple in this situation. When he was taking pictures of his girlfriend, he couldn’t help but notice that one of her legs was swollen. It was always her right leg, and the swelling was profound.

Meagan was 16 years old when she began noticing that her leg was swelling. Sometimes, it makes well to the extent that she gains a considerable amount of weight and that leg alone.

After looking into it, she was diagnosed with a condition but even though it had a name, it didn’t stop people from harassing her and teasing her relentlessly. Rather than embracing the person that she was, she hid the imperfection, refused to wear shorts, and never went out in public with her leg exposed.

When she met her boyfriend, he didn’t realize that she had the problem. She had kept it hidden so well under clothing that it wasn’t until she wore a bathing suit that he finally learned about it.

What he helped her to do is to remove some of the stigma associated with the condition and to begin living her life. He was able to look beyond the problem and to see the person that she was on the inside. Suddenly, the obstacles that kept her from living life to the full were disappearing.

Today, Meagan is more than the woman that she was previously. She has become an example for those who know her and an inspiration to many who deal with similar situations. Rather than keeping her life private and hiding a flaw, she is now open with it and happy with the person she is.

Despite the fact that she, at one time, would cry constantly because of the problem she now smiles constantly and is living a happy life.

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