It was announced today that Grayson, a star of the television show “Chrisley Knows Best,” was involved in a car accident on Saturday at approximately 5:30 p.m. and sustained serious injuries. As soon as the emergency services arrived, he was immediately sent to the hospital for treatment.

The comments portion of the Facebook post that disclosed Grayson’s vehicle accident was flooded with responses from fans almost instantly. Many people wondered whether or not the accident, which took place while his mother and father were engaged in legal proceedings, would have any bearing on the punishment that would be handed down on November 21.

One supporter questioned whether Grayson should be driving while his parents are involved in legal conflicts, and another said that the accident was “too much.” During this trying period, a great number of people have said that they are praying for the family.

On the evening of the accident, Grayson was in Tennessee where he was staying. On Interstate 65 in Nashville, he was operating his Ford F-150 when he was involved in a collision with a Dodge pickup truck. It was reported that the truck had halted in the middle of stationary traffic.

Photos taken after the accident revealed the severely damaged front end of Grayson’s vehicle as well as the smashed windshield on the side facing the driver. After the event, Grayson was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, and it has been reported that his wounds are quite severe.

Grayson was unable to recall anything that had place in the immediate aftermath of the collision, and the first responders who arrived on the scene questioned the police officers present about what had transpired. One possible explanation for this is that the individual sustained a brain injury.

After the accident that occurred on Saturday evening, the ambulance took Grayson directly to the hospital. It is unknown whether or not he is still being treated in the hospital; however, it is reported that his vehicle was destroyed in the accident, and he is on the mend.



Although the other driver was hurt as well, they declined medical attention when it was offered to them. The police report that no arrests or citations have been issued; however, both vehicles were towed away from the scene after the incident.

Grayson, who is now 16 years old, bought his first truck when he was just 15 years old. It would appear that his father was concerned about him having a truck because he feared that he would become involved in a car accident similar to the one that his older sister had been in many years earlier.

The accident took place in the midst of the legal battles that Grayson’s parents were engaged in. In June, a verdict was handed down finding the couple guilty of federal bank fraud and tax evasion charges. On Monday, November 21, they were scheduled to receive their sentences.

The couple could spend as much as 30 years in federal prison if they are found guilty. This was supposed to put an end to the numerous comments that the family has made in their own defense, as they have been in a sticky situation for quite some time now.

After the information about Grayson’s accident became public, there is no indication as to whether or not the sentencing process will continue as planned. We are keeping our fingers crossed that Grayson will make a speedy recovery.


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