Watching our children grow up is a joy for any parents. There are going to be moments in their life, however, that stand out more than others.

One of the moments that many parents remember is when their baby is first up on stage. They could be just a toddler, but seeing them perform in front of other people can really make a parent proud.

I’m sure that the parents of the children in the following video were very proud of what they were doing. Their children were up on stage for a dance recital, with several girls and two boys sandwiched between two adults. Those adults were teachers, but they were also helping the children during this important event in life.

If you’ve ever tried to keep a toddler’s attention, you realize that it is like trying to put socks on a rooster. They just seem to be off in any direction, especially when there are a lot of distractions around.

Perhaps that is why nobody was surprised when one of the little girls decided that enough was enough and she was going to exit the stage. The laughter from the audience really showed just how much the parents appreciated the impromptu move on her part.

There is also a little boy on the stage who doesn’t seem to be appreciating the dance at all. Despite the fact that his peers were dancing or that the teacher was encouraging him, he just enjoyed standing and watching the action from such close range.

If you would like to experience this beautiful moment for yourself, you can do so in the following video:

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