Eliana Martin had recently moved out of the house where her closest friend Melina Martinez lived, but she hadn’t yet changed the location on her driver’s license. Martinez’s aunt thankfully answered the door and took the purse from him.

When Martinez got home and heard the tale, she pulled the film from the doorbell security camera and went in search of the boy to give him a thank-you.

The video was widely distributed, and ultimately Rodriguez got in touch to reveal his identity. He explained that his mother had always urged him to do the right thing even when no one was looking when questioned why he went the additional mile to return the handbag.

That is the essence of morality and character, which is frequently so hard to observe. Because of this, when the compassionate teen’s family and friends learned about him, they started a Gofundme account to raise money to thank him.

Rodriguez undoubtedly received an unanticipated blessing as the award amount reached close to $9,000.00. A thank-you note and an update from the closest friends are posted on the GoFundMe page. They publish pictures of Adrian and his mother driving the automobile he bought with some of the donations.

Just goes to show that being kind still pays off.

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