If you’re a Bridges fan, you’re probably well aware of his recent battle with cancer, from which he thankfully survived, but there’s a lot more to his tale that you may not be aware of.

Bridges’ love story seemed to have been plucked from a Hollywood script. And it all started with a series of unplanned events that occurred many years ago while he was filming a movie in Paradise Valley, Montana.

According to stories, Jeff and his wife of many years, Susan Geston, met while she was working as a waitress. He noticed something special about her right away.

The actor was filming “Rancho Deluxe” when he first spotted Susan. (1975). Geston worked as a server in Chico Hot Springs when the film crew shot a scene there.

Bridges recounted in his subsequent book, “The Dude and the Zen Master,” that he could not turn away. Instead, he tried sneaking glances here and there until, one day, after work, he mustered the courage to ask Geston out on a date.

But Geston declined his invitation. Even after he returned twice, she continued to refuse Bridges’ requests.

Bridges did not receive the answer he had hoped for, but Geston nonetheless stated, “It’s a small town; maybe we’ll run into each other.”

A second meeting between the two was scheduled. They met in a dance club one day while they weren’t at work; that’s when Jeff recognized he was in love, according to Jeff.

He asked Geston out on another date, and this time she said yes. The only problem was that the intended date clashed with Jeff’s meeting with a real estate agent.

Geston accepted his invitation, and the two—who weren’t technically dating—began property-surfing right away.

Jeff recalls a small voice whispering in his ear while they visited a ranch by a river, “You are now looking at a house with your future wife.”

Two years later, Susan and Jeff married. They’ve been married for over 45 years and have three adult children.

“As people, we are quite different, and we celebrate that rather than letting it drive us apart,” Jeff explained.

“I like her intelligence, and I’m sure the girls do too. I’ve been extremely fortunate.”

Susan’s love and support were invaluable during Jeff’s most recent cancer battle.

Jeff was diagnosed with lymphoma in the year 2020. Fortunately, he had chemotherapy and responded well to it. In 2021, the actor declared himself to be well and in remission.

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