Meet Chaly D.N, the model who spent $1.3million to look like Kim Kardashian.

chalydn via Instagram
Chaly has spent on cosmetic procedures (Botox and fillers) and accessories to match Kim’s appearance.

Appearing on Truly Hooked On The Look, Chaly shared people says she looks like Kim Kardashian and when on the street or at a party, she gets stopped for photos at all time. The Instagram influencer insisted that she loved the attention and was satisfied to be told she looked like Kim! Chaly’s Instagram has garnered over 700K following, and as see, her outfits feature designer brands, like Gucci and Prada.

One of Chaly’s favorite designers is Balmain, just like Kim, and of course, that costs a lot of money.

Despite being compared, the influencer insists she isn’t deliberately trying to copy Kim.

“When I wear this (referencing her designer items), I feel like Kim Kardashian, and it feels so good,” Chaly said as she flaunted her $9700 Givenchy coach. Overall, the model has spent £400,000 on just handbags and had even purchased a pair of white £1000 Tom Ford heels Kim has in her wardrobe. Chaly insisted she’s never had surgery but revealed she had gotten Botox and fillers.

The model is now taking acting and singing classes and hopes to establish her online identity.

However, Chaly admitted she loves the attention and claimed she gets stopped for photos at all times.

She continued: “I don’t try to look like her; I naturally look like her. I haven’t had any surgeries to look like Kim; I’ve had Botox and fillers; everyone does it.” Nonetheless, Chaly claimed she only realized just how similar she looked to Kim after stumbling upon her Instagram page. While she’s often compared to the sexy celebrity, Chaly has insisted she’s picking her own online identity.

She has spent £400,000 on handbags and even bought a pair of white £1000 Tom Ford heels Kim also has.

chalydn via Instagram

Chaly has reiterated she isn’t trying to look like Kim as she naturally looks like her.

Watch The Full Clip Of Chaly’s Journey To Looking Kim Kardashian Here:

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