The two are spotted at a cancer awareness gathering that Diana’s kin hosted. Diana is seated on a chair at the end of a dance floor, surrounded by relatives and friends seated at tables and chairs covered in purple fabric.

Little Mckenna is positioned in front of her mother while holding the microphone. Despite the surrounding crowd, Mckenna doesn’t appear to be aware of it. She sings to her mother, who is the only one in the room, while maintaining an unwavering focus in her direction.

When Diana is crying and lip-syncing to one of their favorite Martina McBride songs, Mckenna says, “When you’re weak, I am strong,” to which Diana responds.
Diana extends her arms to her daughter as the song comes to a close, and Mckenna moves forward to give her a bear embrace.

When Ellen Degeneres first posted this video, it rapidly attracted millions of views and positive feedback. A week later, Ellen extended a show invitation to Diana and Mckenna.

Martina McBride debuted during the interview as a surprise for Diana. On the program, Mckenna and Martina perform a duet of the well-known song. As if that weren’t enough, Ellen gives a $20,000 cheque to the mother and daughter. Diana shows her gratitude while feeling overjoyed.

Those who have experienced a health crisis understand how fortunate they are to have such strong support at trying times. Sometimes the youngest children are the best motivators!

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