The only version of this song to be commercially successful in the US was Josh Groban’s. Millions of people

all over the world were moved by the song, which gained widespread fame and was frequently covered.

One of the reasons this song is such a tremendous hit is because of the passionate and timeless lyrics.

This song has grown so well-known that it now serves as the national anthem of Norway, has been performed by several figure skaters, and is frequently broadcast on television.

Everyone may identify to it because it is so meaningful in terms of the people who gave us care, encouragement,

and assistance through difficult times. They helped us achieve our achievement, which we now take for granted, and we are grateful to them for that.

Recently, this song was sung by YouTube sensation Peter Hollens. He sang the song personally at the start. Then a large group of talented singers joined the song.

Peter’s voice is loud and great on its own, but as they all lift their voices at once, the song becomes

even more beautiful and tragic. They all had angelic voices. They all sing unaccompanied for a more dramatic and unpolished sound.

Take a look at this awesome video:

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