Clarkson, who is originally from Fort Worth, Texas has two children: River Rose, 5 and Remy, 3, along with two stepchildren from her husband Brandon Blackstock’s previous marriage. When talking about how she chooses to discipline her children, she said:

“I’m not above a spanking, which people aren’t necessarily into,” she admitted. “And I don’t mean like hitting her hard, I just meant a spanking.”

She goes on to defend her methods, saying:

“My parents spanked me, I did fine in life, and I feel fine about it.”

She went on to explain that there is always a warning prior to her taking action.

“I warn her! I’m like ‘Hi, I’m going to spank you on your bottom if you don’t stop right now like, this is ridiculous.

The Voice coach continued by sharing how spanking is very normal down South where she is from.

“I’m from the South, y’all, so we get spankings.”

She does, however, admit that it can be difficult in a public setting, as people who don’t agree might be quick to judge.

“… that’s a tricky thing when you’re out in public, ’cause then people are like, you know, they think that’s wrong or something, but I find nothing wrong with a spanking.”

The question of whether spanking is an acceptable measure of discipline has been subject to debate for years. Some agree it is harmless, while others liken it to abusive behavior.

The American Associations of Pediatrics does not recommend spanking or any other sort of ‘corporal punishment’ as a disciplinary measure.

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