Love messages can be one of the most meaningful ways of expressing your affection for that special someone in your life.

A lot of us don’t know how to express our feelings towards our loved ones. We all love in our own way and because we are bombarded by different things on a daily basis we tend to forget that it is OK to let the ones we love know exactly how we feel about them, and more importantly, why.

While there are as many ways of showing love as there are stars in the sky, the best way is simply telling your loved one. Those three words, ‘I love you’, can do wonders. They can either bring two people closer or push them apart, but if you really mean it, they can overcome almost anything.

The following love messages are here to help you express your feelings towards that special someone in your life.

1.”Always remember that God has created spaces in between fingers, to lock your love’s hand in yours thus locking the heart forever.”

2.”Sweetheart, I want to live forever with you, being your smile, your tear and your love. Do not leave me ever.”

3.”Remember me in your good times, remember me in your sad times, remember me in your lonely times, and remember me in your joyful time. Remember me always because I will be always with you, at all moments of life.”

4.”My love, you are special to me and your love makes my love special and brings out the best in me.”

5.”Your love has captured y heart, your thoughts have captured my mind and you have captured my life. Without you, my life seems to be meaningless.”

6.”Sweetheart, you are the soul of my life, come take me in your arms to complete me and my love.”

7.”My mind is always filled with your thoughts, in my dream I always see you, in my heart I always long for you and only you my love.”

8.”I miss your presence by my side, when we are away. The day gets longer and the nights do not seem to end. I miss you truly, madly, and deeply.”

9.”All I ever wanted was a loving and a caring heart, all I ever wanted was a loving heart by my side, all I ever wanted in my dreams is you.”

10. You are my life and essence of my being, you are the world to me I miss you my love whenever you are not with me, I miss your voice, your smile and foremost your love.”

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