Morgan Wallen has joined the chorus of country stars pulling their music and departing CMT, Country Music Television. The top selling country music superstar pulls no punches and this time is no different.

Morgan Wallen, who courted controversy a few years ago, says he stands with Jason Aldean. Liberals had tried cancelling him too, and he’s not backing down from them, especially for a good friend like Jason Aldean.

Morgan Wallen’s troubles came when one night he was drinking with some friends and some liberals recorded him without his knowledge, and they said he screamed racial slurs.  That’s never been proven, and it’s another example of liberals trying to cancel patriotic successful white men in America. Just like now.

CMT publicist Joe Barron in an interview at the New York City headquarters for Country Music Television said it’s hard to lose all of these country music stars. “Kid Rock, Jason, Morgan, Hank, all of these superstars have fans that are openly racist and it really hurts the 35-62 Klan demographic that we’re kind of embarrassed with anyway”.

This news of yet another country music superstar leaving the biggest country music network will make trailer parks without cable or satellite cheer, with the Walmart is fancy crowd hoping these artists will play the local piggly wiggly and hit the broadcast local tv channels for exposure.

Morgan Wallen has said that “ I support Jason Aldean. I support the song, the message in the song, I too am kind of a bigot and proud of it”. They really tried canceling him, and because he shouted the N Word at the top of his lungs, America, the real America made him a superstar as a thank you.

We don’t need Garth Brooks, Bud Light, diversity or anything else. As long as we have country music to say the quiet part out loud, we’re good with that. God bless Jason Aldean and God Bless America.

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