In “Yellowstone,” John Dutton defends his ranch just as fiercely as Kevin Costner, even if it means protecting it against Christine Baumgartner, his ex-wife

Baumgartner filed for divorce from the actor in May, 18 years after they wed, citing “irreconcilable differences,” according to TMZ. Baumgartner also requested shared custody of their three kids but no child support in addition to the divorce.

Soon after the split news leaked, Costner’s representatives stated, “It is with great sadness that events beyond his control have happened which have led Mr. Costner to join in a dissolution of marital action. As they traverse this challenging period, we ask that the privacy of him, Christine, and their kids be respected. The world was shocked to learn of the breakup, and Costner seemed to be as well.”

According to Us Weekly, “The Postman” actor was blindsided by the divorce and even wanted to work things out with Baumgartner.

He genuinely loves her and is attempting to win her back, a source informed the media site. This has taken him by surprise. But as the divorce process progressed, Costner’s attitude toward his ex-wife changed.

The actor wants her out of his life more than he wants her by his side, and he is utilizing the court’s assistance to do it by ejecting her from his house.


The most important lesson Kevin Costner took away from his previous marriage was the need for a strong prenup. According to Forbes, the “Yellowstone” actor’s first divorce, in which his ex-wife received $80 million, was one of the most expensive in celebrity history.

When Costner wed Christine Baumgartner, his second wife, he had a prenup in place because he didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

However, Costner’s most recent divorce has been a challenge. The actor’s prenup stipulated that Baumgartner would have 30 days to leave the house that Costner owns, according to TMZ.
According to reports, the handbag designer divorced her husband on May 1, which means she has long since moved out. The actor currently requests assistance from the courts to get Baumgartner out of the house.

According to TMZ, the actor even asserts that he has already handed Baumgartner $1.2 million due to prenuptial duties, and that amount will only increase the longer she stays in the house. Although the actor may want to fire Baumgartner, he is still sympathetic and eager to assist her in her transfer.

According to the outlet, as part of his child support obligations, Costner is reportedly considering paying her $30k monthly for a rented house and an additional $10k for relocating expenses. Costner is desperate for Baumgartner to leave his home and will stop at nothing to see it happen.

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